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Liam is currently a 3rd -year in his undergraduate education and will be graduating with a double major in Nuclear Engineering and Mathematics of Computation in Spring 2025. He plans to continue his education in graduate school, where he looks to earn a Ph. D in Nuclear Engineering. His current work under Dr. Lang looks to model heat transfer in materials due to ion beam irradiation, where he is employing advanced mathematics such as Finite Element/Volume Analysis, nonlinear least-squares, and parallel computing. Liam is currently looking to continue research in heat transfer and thermal hydraulics into his graduate studies, where he hopes to aid in the research and design of advanced reactors. When he is not doing homework, Liam enjoys training martial arts (aikido), writing music, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen.

Liam Pohlmann

Undergraduate Student





  • Heat Transfer

  • Thermal Hydraulics

  • Advanced Reactors


  • Aikido

  • Music

  • Cooking

B.S. Nuclear Engineering, 2025

The University of New Mexico

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