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Kendall is a sophomore passionate about turning sci-fi dreams into reality and is dedicated to revolutionizing air and space travel. My focus is on designing groundbreaking ships with a keen interest in thruster technology and fuel sources. Unlike traditional chemical fuels, I'm interested in exploring the fusion reactor's potential to use resultant gases and energy for propulsion in rockets and aircraft. Currently immersed in projects studying materials under extreme conditions akin to fusion, I'm constructing a vacuum chamber, designing an end stand with a high tesla magnet, creating a temperature gradient machine, and developing code to convert material grain structures into 3D objects for the visually impaired. After his undergraduate degree, Kendall is planning on pursuing PhD in Fusion Technology and it's application 

Kendall Trellue

Undergraduate Student





  • Fusion Reactor Design

  • Plasma Physics

  • High Energy Plasma Propulsion

  • Fusion Applications

  • Space Nuclear Applications


  • Programming

  • Constructing Electronic Systems

  • Computer

  • Sports / Outdoors

  • Drones

  • Sci-Fi

B.S. Nuclear Engineering, 2026

The University of New Mexico

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